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With Us, You Feel The Difference

Hiring technology has just recently picked up ever since companies were forced to reimagine and restructure their organization during the Pandemic. However, the existing technology wasn’t useful, approachable, or affordable for mid-size businesses. Even large-scale enterprises suffered to find brand-worthy solutions. That’s where FlentisPRO marked its success and helped clients around the globe to find a scalable VMS platform that grows with your company. We have managed to earn your respect and acceptance with a user-friendly design and a 24/7 support system that keeps the dice rolling between hiring managers, recruiters, HR associates, vendors, and candidates.


A Glimpse of the Awesomeness

Few too Many Reasons to Choose Us


FlentisPRO integrates with the in-house and outsourced application using API calls and a secure host network. This platform has the capabilities to become your ‘One Stop Shop’ for all talent management ecosystems. We integrate:

  • Application Tracking System
  • AI Chatbot
  • ERP System
  • Learning Management System
  • Payroll Software Integration
  • Office Cloud System
  • Email, SMS, and Social Platform Plugins
  • HRIS & KPI Reporting


It is our protocol that we spend time with stakeholders who run the business to understand their process workflow, hidden spends, organizational structure, and other key determiners. Once we know the essence of your enterprise, we customize our platform.

Our solution-oriented approach helps you to run a VMS platform that is optimized to fit into your company’s ecosystem. So, let’s sit to discuss the specifics of your business needs and wireframe to optimize the platform just for you!

Value to Time

Get your VMS integrated into your ecosystem within 60 days.

Implementing FlentisPRO into your recruitment outsourcing process will save you time and trouble by:

  • Mitigating employee misclassification
  • Averting human errors or delays
  • Lesser to-and-fro between different platforms
  • Fully integrating with office cloud system

Application Tracking System

Use our candidate Application Tracking System for hiring that has predictive analysis to evaluate the applicants submitted for a job.

  • Streamline the hiring process
  • Shorter time-to-hire
  • Lesser cost-to-hire
  • Schedule video interviews & maintain feedbacks
  • Automate communication via email & SMS

Cost to Use

FlentisPRO has an advantageous business model for companies as we charge no extra cost for using the platform. So, once FlentisPRO is implemented in your organization, you can:

  • Onboard cost-effective experts
  • Reduce management expenses
  • Uncover hidden spends
  • Avail of all features in one platform

In-Built Video Tool

One of FlentisPRO’s star features is its Video Tool. We figured out that our clients are greatly facilitated if they can schedule an interview with candidates via the VMS platform. That is why we added a personalized video tool for your convenience.

  • Have deep dive interaction before hiring a candidate
  • Host 2-100 users in one meeting room
  • Easy-to-use scheduler available
  • No installation required
  • Runs on Browsers: Chrome, Firefox & MS Edge
  • Mobile-responsive design

White labeling

Now, don’t just get associated with a VMS technology but own it. FlentisPRO comes with a white labeling option that is no more than a boon for companies. Benefits include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Premium control of the tool
  • Better client impression

Total Talent Management

FlentisPRO is a full-fledged total talent acquisition software to procure and manage contingent and permanent workforce. Our platform supports:

  • Acquisition: Find the right talent
  • Onboard: New employee provisioning
  • Development: Employee training programs
  • Retention: Extension of Statement of Work Contract
  • Referrals: Run referral programs & manage a talent pool

Support System

Our 24/7 support team is always available over call, email, or video sessions. We also provide:

  • User Guides specific to role and permissions to the users
  • Training to your team for using the tool
  • Dedicated account manager to hand-hold anywhere you find an issue
  • Study Material, PDFs, and eBooks