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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: April 27, 2021


Terms of Use

Our company, “Flentis Corporation” alias “Flentis”, abides by the industry-standard “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use”. Every user who enters and navigates through the pages of our website, will ascertain their acceptance of our “Terms of Use” that are stipulated herein and henceforth for the non-discriminatory use.


Restrictions & Ownership.

All the website pages and media collaterals are the sole property of Flentis Corporation. User’s intention to use the property of Flentis, as well as, our website, should be fully divulged in advance and without prior permission to use, it will be raised as an issue of copyright infringement.

The content, including downloadable and non-downloadable media, on this website, is made available for informational purposes only. Flentis grants the users a nonexclusive license to use the website for their personal and non-commercial use only. In case, Flentis or any member of Flentis finds out any trace of breach of “Terms of Use”, the user will be responsible for erasing or destroying any unlawfully obtained material from Flentis, immediately. This shall also lead to the termination of the user’s authorization to use the website any further.

Flentis Corporation has obtained the rights for text, audio, and video and will be illegal to use, distribute, modify or reproduce, in whole or part, without acquiring prior permission of Flentis Corporation. It is also expected of the user, even upon the consent to use the property of Flentis and its website, the action will be accepted only if the user provides proper credits.


Third Party Websites

Flentis Corporation practices fair protocol and hence, our content, product, or services may link to a third-party website if their material is mentioned anywhere on the website. However, Flentis makes it crystal clear to whomsoever it may concern that we do not hold any responsibility as to what is written or sold on that website. We will not be responsible if any user falls prey to any damage or loss caused by the third-party website’s product or services. Please read their T&C and other related documents carefully.


Errors, Omissions, and Inaccuracy

We take the charge of any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies that may occur over the website or in our services and reserve the right to correct those circumstances within time or as soon as it occurs to our notice.


Limitations of Liability

Under no circumstances or events, Flentis or its sister concern or its executives, directors, or employees shall be deemed liable under contract, tort, agreement, negligence or any other legal equity for

  • Any lost profits, personal data loss, information leak, cost of procurement of product, substitute or services or special, indirect, incidental, punitive, compensatory or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever

  • Any online or offline bugs, trojan horses, spamware, spyware, ransomware, etc. regardless of the origin.

  • Any direct or indirect damages over the amounts paid hereunder.

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