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Client Details

  • Industry: Retail
  • Company Size: 8000+
  • Geography: Florida and California
  • Founded in: 2014

The Problem Statement

Our client, a retail marketplace giant, was drawn in the field to battle the negative employee feedback in 2017. The media presence of our client became a significant concern that impacted the quality of the workforce and their happiness. Being a retail business, the satisfaction of their employees directly affected the relationship with customers. Having 100+ stores in Florida and California alone, they were eager to improve their HR practices to receive positive feedback from their employees and eventually from their customers.

Here are the major troubling areas of their business:

  • Unevenly distributed work policies in all the store locations
  • Hard to maintain applications of candidates
  • Employees complain about unreal performance expectations
  • Lethargic and lengthy onboarding and offboarding process
  • High employee turnover rate
  • Absence of proper employee training module

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The Solution

Flentis experts read their client’s problems thoroughly during the initial meetings with their business heads and HR managers. Due to their sudden rise in early 2016, this company had difficulty investing its resources to figure out the best technology for their organization. The floating boat or saving grace for their organization was a good salary structure that kept them going for so long and built a brand name.

However, the absence of workforce planning and management led to a hard U-turn for them. Despite their struggling business model, our technology experts believed in making a swift return of their lost glamour in the industry. It all started with...

The 60-min demo!

Discussion led to defining the pain points of the business and how our technology can address them effectively. To minimize their employee turnover rate at 29.7%, we introduced a timesheet and invoicing module for their external workforce in Florida and California. This removed the human errors and documentation efforts that improved employee engagement keeping the process crystal clear.

Our Vendor Management System is a cloud-based SAAS platform that handles high data volume in the secured DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). That made storing sensitive information quite a simple task. Our UI/UX for Document and Credential Management System declutters the administration paper load.

For their inadequately managed candidate applications, we helped them to integrate a standardized talent management tool that comes along with our VMS. This led to the proper evaluation of the cost incurred between direct sourcing and supplier outsourcing. Our clients aim to transition to a direct sourcing model in the future, and FlentisPRO, our VMS technology, has proven its worth to begin.

This VMS program was assimilated such that their in-house procurement and HR teams can very well run recruitment drives around the year. A 5-step onboarding process bolstered their workforce recruitment. Having access to Flentis Video Tool, our client achieved results similar to walk-in interviews without actually risking time. Similarly, the offboarding contractors experience a seamless transition by raising invoices integrated with payroll software via open API.

However, the star feature for our client is the Learning Management System that has helped employees on-ground. As the newly onboarded employees are trained adequately and informed of their roles, complaints of unrealistic expectations reduced drastically. In fact, our Statement of Work contracts confined these hassles for both employees and the company.

The Result

Starting with the employee turnover rate of 29.7%, our client has come down to 19.4% and 13.5% in Q1 and Q2, respectively. The effectiveness of the newly hired employees has improved by 1.3 hours more than the previous average. That’s because their hiring process has become more efficient. All the stores are working coherently, and the work policies are distributed on a global platform. The procurement and HR team are now able to define their Key Responsibilities adequately. This enables them to manage the recruitment process well.

About Flentis

Flentis Corporation, a cloud-based SaaS platform, is aiding mid-size & large enterprises to procure & manage their contingent workforce. Our VMS platform is built on agile methodologies that support end-to-end talent management for our clientele that includes healthcare, IT, and light-industrial companies.. Flentis aspires to become the choice of all recruitment, procurement, and HR professionals for simplifying the recruitment cycle & bringing evolution to hiring technology. Proud to say that we’ve become MSPs' favorite and direct clients' only choice when it comes to requisition and assignment management.

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