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7 Reasons To Choose VMS Platform Post-COVID

7 Reasons To Choose VMS Platform Post-COVID

“80% of employees in the United States will switch to Freelancing by 2030.” The shift in employment type is inevitable for businesses now. Employees have settled themselves comfortably to the new routine that allows freedom to choose work and fit it into their lifestyle. But are you prepared to handle a contingent workforce? If not, here are the seven reasons to choose a VMS platform in 2021:

Reason 1: VMS Provides Scalability

Organizations in 2021 are highly growth-centric and particular about their budget spendings. Nevertheless, scalability has always remained the most aspiring goal to achieve. However, that comes with its challenges despite the market scenarios.

Hiring and recruiting a contingent workforce is one the best ways to scale strategically. Vendor Management System aids your company to manage and procure employees in temporary roles.

Reason 2: Shift in Employment Type

According to EY Reports, 2020 saw a 2.7% decline in permanent jobs wherein a steep increase in temporary employment compromising 42% of the total American Workforce. The shift in employment compels the companies to open doors for more contingent job opportunities. Though it adds agility, managing such a workforce becomes essential as well. VMS tool comes for the rescue!

Reason 3: Manage Flexible Workforce

Companies that are hiring contingent workforce or planning to do so, have realized the growth potential available to exploit. Working with specialized employees on projects allows companies to leverage on taking quick actions and generate results. Once the work is completed, you are not obliged to retain the employees.

Having this flexibility to upscale or downsize a team is a great way to optimize HR Spends. However, ensure you’re not fixing a tap and leaking the revenues from other orifices. Meaning, to manage such a dynamic workforce, you need to have a system in place. FlentisPRO comes in handy to run recruitment programs as and when a requirement arises.

Reason 4: Contingent Workforce is a Permanent Setup

Does your company hire contingent labor around the year? Is it a culture rather than a practice? If that is so, you would essentially need a dedicated Vendor Management Software custom-built to gather information and resources as required for the HR and admin ecosystem.

With more frequent in-and-out of skilled labor from the system, a VMS portal can stabilize the company. It is the structure and accessibility that one must expect to add.

Reason 5: Reduce Indirect Spends

Untapped HR spends have created more problems than anticipated. You may not see but the cost keeps on adding when:

  • HR executives spend hours on segregating eligible resumes from a whole lot
  • Arranging interviews for multiple candidates
  • No available insights to predict potential candidature
  • Insufficient tracking system for a contract extension
  • High marketing budgets to gather the interest of candidates and suppliers

This can be subsided by workforce management software that defines a process enabled by a predictive application tracking system to reduce cost-to-hire.

Reason 6: Remote Working Environment

This is the highlight of all the reasons mentioned here. Companies were forced to shift to a remote working environment whether they were ready or not in 2020. This meant, scattered workforce, introduction to automation, learning and adapting to new tools, and whatnot!

In the meantime, VMS technology uprooted most hurdles as companies were quick to pick their task force and settle them for work-from-home. Procuring, hiring, onboarding, managing, offboarding and everything in between was just a click away.

FlentisPRO went ahead to customize workforce management solutions. While we added all the essential features; we got rid of the extra and unnecessary clutter to make it easy to adapt.

Reason 7: Increase Revenue

Finances across any organization spread like the US road map. By implementing recruiting automation technology, you invite savings from the following streams:

  • Control over HR and admin spends
  • Lower cost to hire by managing a talent pool of ‘almost hired’ candidates from previous drives
  • Spend less time and money on maintaining various tools by having a One-in-All platform
  • Optimize your procurement cost to suppliers
  • Set the desired cost-to-hire and avoid disputes

For enterprises, FlentisPRO comes at almost no extra cost because of its sustaining model.

Aren’t these enough reasons to at least book a demo with us? We’re sure to impress you with our tech stack. The next thing you should do is write, “Hi, Flentis!” and mail it to info@flentis.com

Can’t wait to geek you about VMS!

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